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Are White Women Destroying Black America?

Are White Women Destroying Black America?
Have you noticed that there are more and more interracial people being used in commercials? This is because there are more interracial unions, in fact there are white women whom will not date anyone who is not black. And there are black men and increasingly women whom will only date Caucasians.

In fact many people both black and white feel that being in an interracial union is an indication of a finally realized equality.  As white people increasingly become the minority, it seems black people become increasingly diluted.  In one Scandinavian country the Government had to step in to stop single white women from going to dark countries. It seems that a lot of European white women seek to have children of color (already tanned).

This required them to go to Africa and get involved with a black man.  They would bring him back to Scandinavia, have a child or two, and then dump the usually illiterate baby-maker.  The results of this practice was a large population of anchorless single illiterate black men with no skills who began to peddle drugs or engage in some other illegal activity.  In certain cities in Canada it is almost a fashion for white women to date and mate with black men.  So where is this leading to? The dissemination of the entire black race?

To straighten their hair, black men and women spend nearly a billion dollars per year on products to achieve straight hair.  Why do black women feel a need to have straight hair? Is Negroid textured hair so hard to manage? The answer is no, the difficulty in styling or managing Negroid hair has nothing to do with black people straightening their hair. 

 Hair dressers may use that argument as a selling point to sell the straightening regimes, but this “convenience” argument has little basis in fact.

This will be an 8 part series examining how White America is assimilating and absorbing Black America and in the process initiating the possible destruction of an entire race.

 end of part 1 of 8 – to be continued…. via our newsletter, do you currently get our newsletter? If not email and put newsletter in the subject line.

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